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In Drona Kids L.K.G. (Lower Kindergarten) program, we encourage children to look for peer relationships, to play cooperatively, to share, contribute, and to interact with others in a group to explore & create! In addition, this L.K.G. consists of a vast array of lessons and learning, through companionship & numerous recreational activities. The syllabus is composed to stimulate and satisfy the child's curosity. This level concentrates on developing further social skills while introducing Kindergarten activities in a fun, exciting and developmentally appropriate way. In addition to social development and inculcating good habits, social manners & etiquettes the lower kindergarten focuses on letter recognition and sounds, handwriting, sight words, reading, readiness, simple math concepts, and exploring the world around us through science, social studies and technology.

  • Appropriate Age: 3½ - 4 years
  • Duration: 2½ - 4 hours per day
  • Activities: E learning class, Splash pool, Art & Craft class, Celebration of festivals

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Drona Kids is the first of its kind preschools in India with international standards, which aspires to inculcate quality education to kids. With 50+ frenshise in 6 states, Drona Kids is rapidly gaining popularity as the first and the most sought after preschool franchise in the country today.