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Why a Franchise

By becoming a Franchise, an individual or an entity is legally allowed to sell goods, services or concepts that are offered by the parent company, in this case, Drona Kids. The Franchise gains from having an immediate recognition to his business venture along with training/support provided by the parent company, i.e. Drona Kids (the Franchisor).

It is always a wise and fruitful decision to become our Franchise and gain from our expertise and successful business model. You could own an established Play school with nationwide recognition by just being a part of the Drona Kids chain of Play schools.

A Drona Kids Franchise benefits :

  • Having access to a proven and successful format of operating the business that has been developed by the Franchisor.
  • Using the Drona Kids's brand name, which already has recognition thereby reducing precious time, huge expenditure and efforts that are involved in creating a brand name and then establishing reputation.
  • A professional support provided by us ensuring guidance in your business operations and a Franchise can bank upon the management, marketing and personnel assistance provided by the company.

Drona Kids Advantage

There are several advantages of being a part of our enterprise:

  • Vast experience in the education sector.
  • Commanding position on a nationwide basis.
  • Hundreds of successful schools running throughout the country.
  • Proven business model that works like a miracle.
  • Own books, publications and other resources.
  • Availability of all dress material and stationery.
  • Assistance in developing infrastructure and designing interiors.
  • Guidance in interviewing, recruiting and evaluating teaching staff.
  • Effective ways of facing and solving problems including administrative, marketing, academics etc.
  • Continuous updates on current educational developments.
  • Complete range of educational support services.
  • Assistance on a day-to-day basis.

Multi-Layer Support System

  • We have created a Franchise Support System that will assist you with every conceivable issue that may arise in setting-up or running a Drona Kids branch.
  • Our assistance mechanism is under a constant process of up gradation based on the feedback from our existing Franchisees.
  • You benefit from the presence of an organisation that provides extensive Franchise benefits in the following ways:

Interior/Exterior Support

  • Site visit & Layout plan
  • An Interior Designing Manual (for wall, ceiling, furniture, floor etc)
  • Modification in elevation/colour scheme
  • Complete guidance on furniture/fixtures

Technical & Training Support

  • Providing all curriculum/training manuals
  • Recruitment & Interview support
  • Training to all staff members at your place
  • Regular trainings/PCP's

Marketing Support

  • Guidelines for inauguration and launching of school
  • Timely visits by our support staff
  • Organizing seminars, business fairs and presentations
  • Regular trainings/PCP's

Advertisement Support

  • Local advertisement- layout, planning, conceptualization and implementation
  • Nation-wide advertisements through newspapers, magazines & the electronic media

Research & Development

  • Curriculum & Activities
  • Competitive Strategy Development
  • Above all, setting up a profitable organisation that provides quality education

General Terms and Conditions

  • Non-Refundable Franchisee fees (varies as per Location).
  • 20% AESC is to be paid from monthly collection.
  • No other Drona Kids school will be established in 3 K.M. of your area.
  • Agreement will be for five years (initially).
  • Taxes as per the Government policy & subject to change.

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